Philosopher Stine Jensens writes in her first childhood novelty, The Seduction about a Teenager who couldn't go without her smartphone for a second. That is why she has made agreements over the telephone with her own daughter. Nevertheless, Jensen notices that she also uses her smartphone more often.

Jensen - the mother of a nine-year-old daughter who has recently acquired a smartphone - could find inspiration for the theme of her short story at home. "She didn't pay much attention to it at first, but now everyone in her class has one, so now it starts," she says in conversation with

Jensen initially hesitated to give her one. "At that time I thought: okay, is this the entry ticket to participate in society or is it also the start of a smartphone addiction? That is why I have agreed that she will get half an hour of screen use per day."

Jensen notices that she herself has a penile relationship with her phone. "This issue plays a role for everyone with children, but I also recognize it and wonder why I always grab my phone. I often use it as a distraction when I actually have to write, so I go to for example Entertainment. "

"See Daan Schuurmans for me in a film version"

In De temptation the teenager Noor must go to a summer camp where telephones are prohibited. When writing, Jensen was inspired by her own favorite youth books, such as the series De dolle twin .

"When I was a teenager myself in the 1980s, the life of the teenage characters was so different," says the former Who is the Mole? participant. "There was no phone in it. I also had a picture of a mother and daughter in front of me and how they handle smartphones in that household. What I read in teen books myself is that they always end up in a world without adults."

That is how Jensen came up with the idea of ​​sending her main character Noor to a telephone-free camp. "There must of course be some exciting happening, so I came up with a character who has different plans. I saw a type of salesman like Hans Klok or Daan Schuurmans in front of me, should the novel be filmed. I enjoyed it a lot "

"Children mature much faster"

Her next book, unlike The Seduction, will again be a non-fiction book. "In January Everything was released, a book for children about farewell. From the sadness about a lost stuffed animal to a divorce or the death of a family member." But a new juvenile nevelle is certainly on Jensen's wish list.

"It is great fun to take on the role of a fourteen-year-old and to come up with a story around it. Children today are very different from myself at the time. They have grown up much faster, so you have to find the right tone for that "With this book, I hope to have created a nice book that will hopefully ensure that readers will enjoy it as much as they do on their phone."

The temptation is available from October 22.