Renze Klamer, who was featured in the NPO program Na Het Nieuws , is going to make a new talk show. The presenter tells Tuesday on RTL Boulevard that he is going to present a weekly program, which will be broadcasted around midnight on Friday after the time slot of the existing latenight show.

Klamer explains that the program is intended for the viewer who does not want to sleep yet, but wants to see something on television that makes him or her happy. "We want people in the show who are known. Preferably two guests who make a nice combination together."

His still untitled show will be broadcast around 0.00 hours after the talk show Pauw . Whether Jeroen Pauw will continue with his program in 2020 is not yet known.

The AD reports Tuesday based on insiders that the 59-year-old presenter, who would actually take a break in January because he previously alternated the talk show with the now-switched Eva Jinek, does not want to continue with his program.

The NPO is said to be talking to Tijs van den Brink and Fidan Ekiz, who may be making a new show at the time slot of 11 p.m. A spokesperson for the NPO could say nothing about this to