A sick albino seal was found on the Waddendijk in Texel on Tuesday. The pigmentless animal was transferred to the Ecomare nature center. It is the first time that the seal sanctuary receives an albino seal.

The seal, a male from three to four months old, has a light fur and red eyes. According to Ecomare, these characteristics indicate albinism.

The animal has a lungworm infection and is therefore very sick. The seal also has wounds on its body. In addition, he seems to have little or no visibility. According to Ecomare, eye disorders often occur with albinism. The seal sanctuary will investigate whether the ergob is completely blind or can see something.

The seal weighs 16.8 kilograms. "A reasonable weight for an animal that comes in so sick," says the nature center. A veterinarian has given the animal antibiotics and worming agents, among other things.

The seal has been placed in quarantine. The caretakers, however, were pleased that the seal immediately went swimming and ate two herrings when he entered his enclosure.

Once the animal has strengthened, it is returned to the Wadden Sea.


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