The ceremonial ceremonial court ceremonies Nara Kasuga Taisha shrine special dedication of kagura October 22 12:32

Along with the “Grand Prix of Seirei Seindengi”, a shrine was held at Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara City, which is closely related to the Imperial Family.

At Kasuga Grand Shrine, a shrine was held from 10:00 am, and during the performance of gagaku, 10 priests wore white costumes served rice and sake in front of the gods and prayed for the safety of the Imperial Family and the peace of the country.

After this, two officially dressed men devoted themselves to Kagura that only danced at special times, “Matsuraru” and “Kimigayo”, which have been passed down to Kasuga Taisha for a long time.

People who worshiped quietly watched the state of the ritual, and a man in his 80s in Nara City said, “These rituals were held at Kasuga Grand Shrine, which is related to the Imperial Family. I want you to do it. "

In Nara Prefecture, shrines are held in accordance with the ceremonies of the throne, such as the Ojin Shrine in Sakurai City and the Kashihara Shrine in Kashihara City, both closely related to the Imperial Family.