Accident related to 6 cars on a motorway 13 transported 13 people to the hospital Aichi Nagakute October 22 19:10

On the afternoon of the 22nd, there was an accident involving 6 trucks and passenger cars on a motorway in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, and 13 people were transported to the hospital. According to the fire department, two of them are seriously injured.

Around 2:30 pm on the 22nd, an accident involving six trucks and passenger cars occurred on the down line of the “Nagoya Seto Road”, a motorway dedicated to the sideways of Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture.

According to the fire department, a total of 13 people were transported to the hospital in this accident, and two of them were seriously injured.

According to the police, traffic jams occurred near the site at the time, and the trucks collided with passenger cars running in front of them, and the cars collided one after another.

The scene is a straight road with two lanes on one side leading to the exit of the Nagakute interchange. The police are investigating the detailed cause of the accident.