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On the day of the ceremonial ceremony of the “Imperial Religion”, blessed voices have been received from related people.

Voice of congratulations from people related to both His Majesty October 22 9:48

On the day of the ceremonial ceremony of the “Imperial Religion”, blessed voices have been received from related people.

Former side Nomura “Blessing from the bottom of my heart”

Mr. Kazunari Nomura, who served as Daio Higashimiya at the top of the Imperial Household for 5 years from 2006 at the Imperial Household Agency and supported the Emperor and Empress of the time of the Crown Prince and his wife, “I am so happy and happy for those who have served for many years. I would like to congratulate you.”

On top of that, about the Majesty of the Emperor after the throne, “I think that there was an aspect learned in the imperial affairs of national affairs during the Crown Prince ’s time, but it ’s a frank impression that you ’re doing a very good job.” I said.

Also, regarding the fact that the Empress is performing her duties steadily while maintaining her physical condition, “I think that I was well and I had a really good start compared to the time I served. I would like you to continue to be healthy without being overwhelmed. "

“The Emperor says that the way the imperial family will change from time to time. I think that the Emperor ’s way of public service will soon come out. I look forward to working with you in the field of international goodwill based on my experience. "

International student friend "friendly personality"

Andrew Arcley, who works for a medical institution in Yokohama, studied abroad from Australia when Emperor Emperor was in the first year of Gakushuin Senior High School, and went on to exchange activities after graduation.

Mr. Ackley still keeps the letters and postcards sent by the Emperor, and there are considerations for foreigners, such as using phonetics for kanji.

Mr. Arcley met two people just before the Emperor Empress visited Australia in 2002. “The Emperor Empress is proficient in language and can communicate directly with foreigners. I think it will make it easier for foreigners to understand more about Japan's country, culture, and people because it is a friendly person. "

On top of that, Mr. Arkley said, “I expect that the Emperor and Empress will visit various places overseas and participate in events. I think we'll be able to welcome people more than ever. "

Water Researcher “The New Emperor”

Kenzo Kashiwagi, a professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, who has been working on measures against flood damage in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and has supported research of the Emperor's water for many years, I think it ’s a tremendous amount of damage because of the great water damage that occurred in No. 19. ”

Mr. Kashiwagi mentioned that the Emperor's Majesty has been sending the lessons of Japanese disasters to the international community since the time of the Crown Prince. “The Emperor, including the Great East Japan Earthquake, is concerned with disasters that occur every year. Although I have been hurting and snuggling up to the victims, I feel the new figure of the Emperor Ryowa when I was told that I would like to work not only in Japan but also overseas. "

His emperor's efforts are highly valued by experts from around the world, and he has a wide range of connections, including King Alexander in the Netherlands, who has been working on water issues as well. .

Mr. Kashiwagi said, “The Emperor's vision has expanded to all human issues such as sanitation, climate change, and poverty through water research, and the Empress is also highly interested in these fields. I think we can open up a new imperial statue of Ryowa with the attitude of holding hands together and proceeding. "

Kanze "Classmates are cheering party"

Kiyokazu Kanze, a former family of the Noh theater Kanze school that flows the flow of Noh theater Kanami and Zeami in the Muromachi period, studied with the Emperor from elementary school to high school at Gakushuin, and continued to interact even after becoming a member of society .

Mr. Kanze said, “I have been very grateful that the Emperor's Majesty has taken a very natural and public affair since the throne, and has always wished for the well-being of the people and the well-being of each and every citizen. I said.

Furthermore, when I met President Trump and his wife, who came to Japan as a national custodian, it was impressive that the two men spoke directly without an interpreter and said, “It was a very smart conversation. I felt that it was a new imperial figure, and the emperor's friendly personality, consideration for the surroundings, and the empress's wonderful smile are indispensable. ” It was.

“I am very happy to see the Emperor's natural appearance in public service. We are proud that our classmates are cheering teams and I am the cheering team leader.”

On the 23rd, the Noh performance was held at a dinner party hosted by Prime Minister and Mrs. Abe who invited foreign heads and royals who came to Japan to attend the “Imperial Court.” I have been practicing with my son who has been playing together for the past few months at the extreme of honor, and I want to work with my heart in order to congratulate your Majesty with foreign customers. ” .

Empress's teacher "I'm happy that the students shine"

Shubun Ito, an empress teacher from middle school to high school who taught softball in club activities, said about the empress at that time, "It is a type that pulls the surrounding children with its own play and posture, I felt it was big. ”

He said, “I am really happy that my former students are so shining and happy. I want to continue that happiness, and I am confident that it will continue.”

In addition, Mr. Ito said that the conversation in English between Empress and President Trump, who was seen in the press, was impressive. “I was proficient in language, so I could speak with foreigners without interpreting. I ’m glad to see how you ’ve been rushing, ”he said.

And "I believe that the emperor's personality will blossom greatly, will be loved by the people, and will be in a position to love the people, so that his kindness and power will be fully demonstrated. As a former teacher, I would like you to take care of your body and pray that the Emperors will be happy forever. "

Ministry of Foreign Affairs synchronization "kindness to wrap up"

Mitsuko Shino, who is currently serving as an international cultural exchange counselor in the same period of the Empress who entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1987, said, “At the time, the Equal Employment Opportunity Law was enforced. There were three women in the same period, but it was still said that there were still many .. Although I was assigned to a different department from the Empress, I was seriously trained as a newcomer. I had the opportunity to meet after marriage, and it became a topic of work and diplomacy.

As for the situation after becoming an empress, “I am impressed with the embarrassment of a gentle smile that envelops me, and I am impressed with the old synchronization. "I think that this ritual will be welcomed by both foreigners and Japanese people, as if they were close to their feelings."

And “I would like to express my heartfelt joy at the time of the coronation. The word“ Ryowa ”has a gentle sound that wraps around. Please always guide your new era with a gentle smile. ”Said his congratulations.

Childbirth doctor "Get along well"

When Empress gave birth to Aiko, the eldest daughter in 2001, Tsuji Osamu, who was in charge of the Doctors Group, was faced with the attitude of enjoying pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare positively with them. “I witnessed feelings being communicated through so-called eye contact without exchanging words.

I think that they were faced together because they were close friends. ”

On top of that, “The Emperor is not only honest but also humorous, so he can communicate with foreigners without interpreting, and the Empress also entered the Imperial Family after having a career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I can communicate directly with each other.They are very close teams, and both of them can talk directly without an interpreter, so I think that it will be the best hospitality for foreign visitors. " .

“The Emperor has been studying under the Emperor for thirty years as the Crown Prince, and has been fulfilling his duties. I hope that you will be fulfilled, and I hope to support you because the expectations of all the people are gathered to be fulfilled as the emperor of the Emperor of the New Age of War. "

“We are very happy”

On the day of the “Imperial Court,” one of the executives of the Imperial Household Agency said, “I would like to congratulate you with great pleasure. I hope. "

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