A new tumor has been discovered by snowboard champion Bibian Mentel. Her husband Edwin Spee shares on Facebook on Tuesday that a lump has been found in a vertebra of her lower back.

"After last Saturday's euphoria, when Bibian and Joost managed to capture a ticket for the Dancing With The Stars finale in a fantastic way, the man with the sledgehammer came by again on Monday," writes Spee.

"In a vertebra just above the scaffolding in her lower back. The tumor is already so large that irradiation is no longer an option and so Bibian will have to undergo another major operation at the end of November."

Despite this new diagnosis, Mentel (47) will continue to train for the upcoming broadcast of the RTL dance program.

"In consultation with her specialists, we looked at what could and could not pose a risk when dancing. Together with Joost Findhammer and Schaur Peter, we are now working hard to put down two beautiful dances for next Saturday. Giving up is for Bibian not an option ", concludes Spee.

Cancer returned for the eleventh time in July

At the end of July Mentel announced that the cancer had returned for the eleventh time, in the form of tumors in her neck and her back.

The former snowboard star has been struggling with various tumors in her body for a long time. After she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2001, her lower leg had to be amputated to prevent metastases. Since then, the disease has returned several times. After an operation in March, she was unable to move her legs properly for a while.

Mentel became Dutch snowboard champion six times in the half pipe and snowboard cross sections. In 2002 she became Dutch champion snowboard cross with a prosthesis. She won gold medals at the Paralympic Games of 2014 and 2018.