Saudi Arabia's Malak al-Husseini has been widely criticized for speaking with a guest she hosted in one of her episodes on "Hirak with Malak" on MBC.

The users of social networking sites that the way they talk and questions reflect arrogance and arrogance.

Malak was criticized for the way she spoke prejudiced with the guest in this episode, because of his high school only, and went to him saying: "You Maine to provide a message?" High school tuition.

The singers questioned what experience they had to offer a program, and used provocative questions against the guests and the projection against them. "On social networking sites, which is the reason for its fame and appearance" extent described.

Malak commented through her official Twitter account: "When the interviewer presents a television program to a large segment of society, which includes different opinions and spectrums, when stripped of his own tendencies and tries as much as possible to present the opinion and the other opinion, in all objectivity."

It is noteworthy that Malak al-Husseini, known as the mother of Savannah, was a student scholarship to study in America, gained fame through social networking sites with her daughter, "Savannah", and has a son named Ryan autistic, appeared in many of the videos through which she gained a very large follow-up rate , And its Instagram account follows more than two million users.