• Queen Letizia surprises in Japan with her floral games

Many will wonder what SM does the Queen dressed in an official act abroad with what to all intents and purposes is an American brand run until recently by a Venezuelan "socialite" involved in designer. Few know that the company belongs to a Catalan holding company and that its collections are manufactured in Galicia. The majority will want to know why they do not go to a Spanish designer for these expenses and others will sigh remembering the wonderful models signed by Lorenzo Caprile from his time as Princess.

The evening dress that Mrs. Letizia has worn in her second appearance in the imperial Japanese nuns is Herrera, only that she has been professed for her. In pink of a bubblegum tone, so that to deny it, it was embroidered like a Manila shawl, we do not know if as an orientalizing or Spanishizing wink, which favored the consort of Felipe VI. His tone, however, as with the flowers of the previous evening suit of the Cordoba brand Matilde Cano , led to death with the band of the Japanese Order of the Precious Crown that furrowed the royal torso.

I could have taken it into account when I ordered the two suits as did the impeccable Máxima of the Netherlands and Matilde of the Belgians and many ask themselves as the Monclovite spin doctors did not advise.

All the details of your look, here

The sleeves tend to be the Achilles heel of SM the Queen , perhaps that is why they do without them whenever possible, and these, on the elbow, made an ugly wrinkle.

I think that the majestic diadem of the Flor de Lis , created for the majestic proportions of Queen Victoria Eugenia is too large and perhaps heavy for Doña Letizia and that now that she borrows jewels from Queen Sofia with more assiduity, she should go thinking of getting others not as big as Koch's Prussian or Mellerio's shells.

The Queen seems to have lost fear of the jewels and today she has taken all the "pass" that had not been put on the previous act, from the earrings, to the Bulgari twin bracelets.

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