Jenna Dewan has shared details about her divorce with Channing Tatum. The end of the relationship between the actor couple, who announced their break in 2018, calls Dewan 'painful'.

"I realize that the dynamics within our relationship did nothing for me, but also at the expense of our daughter," writes the 38-year-old Step Up actress in her book Gracefully You: How to live your best life every day .

"But mainly I had to dare to accept that it no longer worked, and that the relationship turned into pain."

According to Dewan, the media and their fans saw the couple who met in 2006 on the Step Up set as the ideal pair. "That made it even more difficult for me, because I always want to be as honest and real as possible."

The couple got married in 2009, had daughter Everly six years ago and announced that they would get a divorce in April 2018.

Tatum, known from films such as Magic Mike and The Hateful Eight , has meanwhile joined singer Jessie J. Dewan in a relationship with actor Steve Kazee and is currently expecting her second child.