19:26 on October 22 at the Imperial Palace

The emperors of the emperor passed 7:20 pm and entered the “Takenoma” of the Imperial Palace, and the “Feast of the Feast” began.

In “Bamboo”, greetings are made with each foreign participant, such as a foreign head.

From 9pm, meals will be seated at Homeiden.

The seating order of the “Feast”

There are 10 tables and approximately 370 seats in the “Homeiden” palace serving as a dining venue.

The main table where the heads of each country sit is located in the back, and the emperors and empresses sit in the center.

There are 56 seats on the main table, but there will be no seats in front of them so that attendees at other tables can easily see the appearance of both men.

The seating order of guests from abroad is determined in consideration of the period of residence and length of office, etc., King of Bornea in Brunei is on the right side of the emperor and Gustav of Sweden is on the left side of the empress. The king sits down.

At the other nine tables, Mr. and Mrs. Akishino and other imperial families sit together with the heads of the three powers such as Prime Minister Abe and their spouses, and host foreign guests.