“Al Wasl has five specialties”. This is the case of Emperor Al Waslawi since he was coached by coach Rejikamp, ​​who plays with the team. The team did the right thing, and dispensed with important players, and did not bring one player is an addition to the team with the presence of an absurd coach on Al Wasl, the weakest link. The big problem is that the Al Wasl administration did not move to save the team that entered a dark and dead end, and officials must intervene to save this great edifice, which ended up frankly.

- Change coach requirment

Al Wasl Fans Under

Difficult team conditions.

The coach changed the demand of Al Wasl fans, under the difficult circumstances of the team, he is the last place in the league teams with one point, the question is: Who brought the team to this level? Unfortunately, Al Wasl team has become an easy hunting for opponents, the situation has changed and the reasons are many, and we hope that Al Wasl will return to the track of victories, because Al Wasl is a pillar of our league, a team that has not relegated to the first division. Fahad Khamis, Nasser Khamis, Saeed Abdullah, Ahmed Mahboob, Adel Anas, and other big stars.

After the loss of Al Wasl to Sharjah in the fourth round of the Arabian Gulf League, there appeared some strange things that offend Al Wasl Club and its big history, a tweet minimized from this great edifice, and a clip also appears to reduce the value of this club, and a lot of funny things from the perspective Launch it. Al Wasl has become a joke for some who want to become famous at the expense of Al Wasl, and frankly it is a dangerous stage to minimize and insult this big club to increase followers, and we as neutrals do not accept these strange actions that do not represent us as a UAE society.

I mentioned it in more than one article, who wants to compete for the league championship has to contract with foreign players super, and now everyone took advantage of the opportunity to register the players resident, a golden opportunity to bring them to form an addition, and unfortunately some clubs did not succeed in the selection of foreign players or residents .. And the God of the intent behind.

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