Each achievement has its own story, which varies with the difference of its author and his perception of what surrounds him, be it a painting, sculpture, engineering design, fashion collection, or an event that changed the course of history. Whatever the work is different in its composition and the invisible threads that formed it, which you see only the eye of its owner, the inspirational character remains the only criterion that does not change, and that mysterious and controversial relationship remains, is the real spark that provokes innovation, who are the inspirations in history?

With a dance of unmistakable rhythm, Naomi Campbell has become one of the most popular models in the world, becoming one of the most important reasons for creating the Supermodel and becoming the main inspiration for a group of international fashion designers. , On various contracts.

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From a very young age, Campbell was able with her bright smile and high confidence, and her unique presence, to provoke the flame of creativity within the various designers whom I met, where some of them became her new family, away from her family, and another was more like her spiritual father, others closer to being friendly The fan, while others chose to be her, the start of their performances and conclusion, and dance dance tapi or «dance» wearing the designs of others, and another preferred to go out on the stage while singing the most famous songs «George Michael» at the time, all that, and still these The charming black legend shows fashion platforms, and her most famous and beautiful line S completely embodied what is meant by the phrase «Cat Walk» or «Cat Walk» in the industry, and most of them closer and inspiration to countless of the founders of the global role.

Naomi Campbell was born on May 22, 1970 in South London, to a mother of Jamaican origin who works as a dancer, and to a father she never met.He abandoned the family before she was born, and her family name goes back to her mother-in-law, whom the mother chose to carry instead of Naomi's real father.

"I had a wonderful childhood, but I always felt like a big woman in the body of a little girl," Campbell said in her book, "Naomi Campbell." I was still five years old when I arrived at the dance school, taking a bus and two trains every morning, while I had to move. “At the 13th school of Italy Conti, I also started appearing in a lot of music videos much earlier.”

Campbell specialized in ballet dancing at Italia Conti. At the time, while the beautiful student was standing with her classmates in uniform at Covent Garden after the class, a woman asked her if she had thought about working in a show. She was the founder of the fashion show agency Synchro Beth Bolt, who gradually became one of Campbell's spiritual mothers.

The shows did not stop falling on Campbell for filming sessions for British, American and French magazines such as Ile and Vogue. She was still 16 when she first received the Paris fashion show, and the performances were repeated frequently. He stole her entire money, a day that seemed unfortunate for her, but it turned out to be the best possible for a girl of that age working in a harsh field like a fashion scientist. Later that day, Campbell became acquainted with a French-born Tunisian fashion designer. Ezzedine Alaya, who was one of the most famous Paris fashion designers at the time.


From the moment he learned about Campbell's theft, Alaya offered the girl to stay with him, decided to contact her mother, and offered the idea.After the mother's consent, both the model and the designer separated only to work until his death last year, slowly becoming a picture. The loving father and her patron, calling him «Papa», while calling her «my daughter», and his support beyond the idea of ​​work, but was keen to remain always safe, where she was surprised at late at night asking her to return with him to Home and prevent her from completing an evening at a nightclub or party.


The magazine «Vogue» is the most important and oldest in the world of fashion, and the selection of a model for the cover of this magazine, a major achievement for its owner, and in December 1987 appeared Campbell on the cover of the magazine «Vogue» British, was considered the first appearance of a black-skinned model since 1966, It also appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1988, the first appearance of a black-skinned model in the history of the magazine, which was achieved after the threat of French fashion designer and teacher Yves Saint Laurent, to withdraw his announcement from the magazine if the magazine continues to refuse to put models Black skin on the cover of the magazine.

The following year, the beautiful black appeared on the cover of the September issue of Vogue, the number considered in the tradition of the magazine, "Bride" of the numbers for the year, and was considered the first issue led by Anna Wintour, as the editor of the magazine.


Naturally, there was another ugly face to all that light-trapped beauty. Campbell has suffered from cocaine addiction since the mid-1990s, and the death of a close group of friends within a year has made her seek more numbness that has begun to affect her emotions and her ability to Restraint, the fingers of the conviction began to accuse her of being beaten, some of which were real, which made her subject to “anger management” sessions, which did not produce an ideal result.