“Black School Rules”, such as restricting the color of underwear, was abolished.

While unreasonable school rules, the so-called “Black School Rules” became a problem, a survey of civil society found that the Gifu Prefectural Board of Education abolished the provisions that restrict the color of underwear that was established at prefectural high schools .

Gifu City's citizen group “Children's Human Rights Network Gifu” requested information disclosure from 63 prefectures in the prefecture from August to December last year, and investigated the school rules.

As a result, we found that there are regulations such as restricting the color of underwear and submitting documents such as a “hair registration application” when the hair is brown.

For this reason, civic groups asked the Gifu Prefectural Board of Education to revise these school rules, and as a result of the study by the prefectural board of education, the provisions restricting the color of underwear to white and black, etc. Is to be deleted.

On the other hand, the “hair registration application” was not deleted as it was discussed at each school.

Ryofumi Kawai, representative of Gifu's Children's Human Rights Network, said, “I want to evaluate what the prefectural board of education thinks about the school rules positively, but I want to continue discussions because there are still school rules to review.” It is.