Night of Typhoon Drinking and Bicycle Driving Saitama Prefecture Traffic Safety Manager October 21 20:59

The manager in charge of traffic safety administration in Saitama Prefecture has heard that the police have been interviewed for drinking alcohol and riding a bicycle on the night of 13th of this month when major damage from typhoons was confirmed in various places , The prefecture announced personnel changes to replace this manager on the 21st.

This was revealed at the press conference by Governor Ono in Saitama on the 21st night.

According to it, Yukio Yajima, Director General of Life in Saitama Prefecture, was asked for the situation by a police officer nearby when he lost his balance trying to ride a bicycle after drinking at a restaurant in Tokyo at midnight this month. After that, it means that a voluntary investigation continues on the suspicion of drunk driving.

Director Yajima was in charge of the prefecture's traffic safety administration, but on the day of the prefecture survey, he attended a meeting at the prefecture's anti-disaster headquarters and drank alcohol with his relatives on the way home and took a bicycle. I admit that

The prefecture will change the general manager on the 21st and decide to consider disposal in the future.

Governor Ohno said, “At the very important time when Typhoon No. 19 was dealt with in response to the disaster, the head of the road safety department was heavily responsible for riding a bicycle and was very sorry for the citizens of the prefecture.” .