Ezo Abalone delivered by the Emperor to be released October 21 14:00

Last month at Akita Prefecture, a nationwide abundant sea-building competition, juvenile oysters handed over by the Emperor, were released into the sea in Nikaho City.

The 3,000 juvenile Ezo Abalone shells that are about 3 cm long were released.

Since October last year, it was raised at an abalone seedling production facility in Nikaho City. It contains.

On the 21st, about 20 people including local fishermen participated and the release ceremony was held. We took a small boat and headed about 50 meters from the port in Kikagata Town, Nikaho City. And then, we released the Ezo Abalone juveniles attached to the oyster shells to protect them from external enemies one after another.

Mr. Kazunari Saito, the representative of a group of local fishermen who handed young scallops from the Emperor at the ceremony, said, “I was released with the feeling that I grew up. I was glad that I was able to release it into the sea of ​​Kisogata where the underground water of Mt. Chokai flows. "

It means that the Ezo Abalone juvenile released on the 21st will grow to a size of about 10 cm that can be caught over approximately five years.