Prime Ministers and Prime Ministers Participating in the “Imperial Religion Ceremony” Meeting October 21 20:51

Prime Minister Abe has been meeting with key figures from each country in front of the ceremonial ceremony for the throne on the 22nd. We met with representatives from 23 countries and regions.

More than 180 countries, territories and representatives from international organizations are scheduled to attend the “Imperial Court Hall” ceremony on the 22nd, and Prime Minister Abe has been meeting with key figures from each country on the 21st. .

The talks on the 21st will be held with representatives from approximately 23 countries and regions for about 10 to 30 minutes each. Among them, Prime Minister Abe will discuss Israel with the aim of realizing peace in the Middle East. And encouraged them to resume dialogue with the United States, and told Japan that they would cooperate.

A meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi's advisor to Myanmar requested that appropriate measures be taken to promptly return minority Muslims and Rohingyas who have evacuated to neighboring Bangladesh. It was.

In addition, Prime Minister Abe also met with President Zelesky of Ukraine and former President Sarkozy of France to exchange opinions on regional conditions.

Prime Minister Abe is expected to meet with key figures from around 60 countries and regions by the end of this month, including Prime Minister Lee Na Kyung, Deputy President Wang Kishan of China, and President Duterte of the Philippines.