Police station deputy chief sexual harassment act at a subordinate's wedding Adjudication disposal Fukuoka October 21 13:15

A police interview revealed that the vice chief in his fifties at the police station in Fukuoka Prefecture had been subject to disciplinary action for the punishment for the sexual harassment of a female attendee at a subordinate's wedding. The deputy chief explained that he was drunk and didn't remember, and that he resigned.

The disciplinary action was taken by the Fukuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters, and the vice chief in the 50s of the Fukuoka Airport Police Station.

According to the police, the deputy chief of the police last month took a sexual harassment act of kissing the cheeks of the women in attendance while trying to take a group photo at the wedding of a subordinate of the police station where he belonged.

After receiving a report from this woman that `` I am not eligible as a police officer '', the police proceeded with interviews, etc., and as a result, it was found that multiple attendees witnessed these acts etc. .

The deputy chief explained, “I do not remember because I was drunk, but I apologized,” and the Fukuoka Police Headquarters said, “Because of inappropriate behavior as a senior officer, the credit of the police organization was lost.” As a disciplinary measure of the notice.

On the day of the disposition, the vice-signer has resigned from the request.

The Fukuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters said, “Executive officers have caused this and are sorry for the citizens of the prefecture.”