Professional baseball Sawamura Award "No applicable person" for the first time in 19 years, October 21 17:02

The selection committee for the “Sawamura Prize” to be given to the pitcher who was the most active player in professional baseball this season, was held. This was the first time in 19 years that there was no eligible person.

The Sawamura Prize will be given to the starter pitcher who was most active during the year.

There are seven selection criteria, including 15 wins or more, a defense rate of 2.50 or less, and 10 or more complete games.

On the 21st, five committee members including Mr. Tsuneo Horiuchi attended the selection committee meeting in Tokyo.

Among them, the pitcher Shun Yamaguchi, who contributed to the team's league championship with 15 wins this season, and two pitchers, Arihara Kohei, who had 15 wins and a defense rate of 2.46, were nominated. It was.

In the selection committee, the number of pitches and the number of completed pitches were below the standard, so it was decided that this season would be “No Applicable”.

It is the fifth time in 19 years since 2000 that there is no Sawamura Prize.

Horiuchi said, “Pitchers Yamaguchi and Arihara did their best, but did not want to drop the level of the Sawamura Prize. The baseball has changed and it has become difficult to complete, but Sawamura's name was damaged. I can't put it on it.