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Milk without milk protein greatly suppresses allergy in newborns | NHK News


If you give a newborn baby a special milk that does not contain milk protein, instead of normal milk powder, in addition to breast milk ...

Milk without milk protein Significant suppression of allergy in newborns Oct 22 0:15

Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine has found that giving newborn babies a special milk that does not contain milk protein in addition to breast milk in addition to breast milk can significantly reduce the incidence of food allergies. Group announced. It may be a new way to reduce food allergies.

The study was published in the Pediatrics version of the American Medical Association Magazine by a group of Professor Mitsuyoshi Urashima from Jikei University School of Medicine.

The group observed the progress of 302 babies for 3 years, divided into babies who gave normal milk powder in addition to breast milk for 3 days after birth, and babies who gave special milk that does not contain milk protein. .

As a result, at the age of 2 years, there were some food allergies in addition to breast milk, 20 of the children who took powdered milk, while 4 out of 5 children who took special milk. It was less.

In addition, there were 13 people who had a strong allergic reaction in the case of powdered milk, compared with 1 person in the case of special milk.

The research group analyzes that babies who are not able to fully degrade milk protein may become inflamed in the intestine, and then may become more easily absorbed by other people.

Prof. Urashima said, “Mothers who are hard to get breast milk want to give milk without overdoing it, but it may be possible to reduce the onset of allergies by replacing it with milk that does not contain milk protein for only three days after birth.” Talking.

Source: nhk

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