Manga artist Hideo Azuma died Street life experience “disappearing diary” is the topic October 21 16:11

Hideo Azuma, a manga artist known for works such as the “Disappearing Diary”, which has been a topic of drawing on his life on the street, died at a hospital in Tokyo this month. I was 69 years old.

Azuma was born in Hokkaido in 1950 and made his debut as a manga artist in "Ringside Crazy" in 1969.

Throughout the 1950s, a series of works such as “Futari and Five”, “Absurd Diary”, and “Polon of Olympos” were serialized, and fans who worked on a wide range of themes from nonsense comics and maniac science fiction comics to girl comics. Gathered support for.

After that, I suffered from alcoholism and had lost my life twice, and I lived on the streets, but in 2005 I published a “disappearance diary” depicting the actual experience of street life with humor. It was selected as a grand prize in the "Culture Agency Media Arts Festival" comics category, which recognizes outstanding works of comics and animation.

He was also highly regarded overseas as a manga artist depicting the so-called “Otaku culture” of Japan, and won the Italian manga award.

According to the person concerned, Mr. Agatsuma was a man and announced that he had esophageal cancer. He died at a hospital in Tokyo on the 13th of this month. I was 69 years old.