Fans of Coldplay have received a letter in which the band hopes for new music. The letter states that the band will release a new album on November 22, reports the magazine New Musical Express (NME) .

Coldplay makes a two-part album, the first half of which consists of experimental music. "We have been working on something called Everyday Life for 100 years," the letter says. "One half is called Sunrise and the other half is Sunset. This is how we feel about things. We send you a lot of love from our hibernation."

The letter has been signed by Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion. One fan, who shared a photo of the letter on social media, doubted the authenticity of the letter. However, other fans quickly confirmed that it is about the band.

The latest album from Coldplay, A Head Full Of Dreams , is from 2015.