THE WORLD takes the lead once more as a champion of quality journalism in our country. As of today, the digital version of this newspaper offers exclusive content for its subscribers : relevant informative firsts, essential opinion pieces, the best analyzes, large reports on the ground and interviews with relevant personalities from different fields are part of the range of topics of the that can be enjoyed by members of the new user community of the Editorial Unit newspaper.

This initiative, a pioneer among the generalist newspapers of Spain but in line with the one successfully implemented by prestigious international media worldwide , coincides with the 30th anniversary of ELMUNDO, a newspaper that throughout its history has adapted to the circumstances of the sector of each moment and has been marking in our country a path that has always followed after its competitors.

The newspaper of Unidad Editorial again takes a leap forward, motivated by the absolute conviction of the value of journalism. Currently, payment for content is the best guarantee of quality journalism in all international markets and EL MUNDO undertakes this path from the strength of its leadership on the Internet (21,162,000 unique users and more than 197 million visits in one month, according to the latest Comscore report).

The new Internet content dissemination system of EL MUNDO adopts a freemium model. In this way, all readers can continue to enjoy the best information of the Spanish digital press for free, in open and unlimited news. However, every day the writing of this newspaper will elaborate contents of special depth and deep elaboration for its subscribers. And also present them with a new design more attractive and with a lower advertising load. Opinion columns, for example, can only be enjoyed by those who subscribe to premium.

To be part of the premium community of EL MUNDO, users will only have to pay one euro during the first month. Then they can choose between the payment of 0.99 euros per day or 7.99 euros per month.

Newsletters and other advantages

Members of this select club will have many other additional advantages. Each night they will receive a newsletter to read before that news closed to the general public. In addition, early in the morning they will receive another personalized newsletter that will collect the 5 topics of the day published by both national and international media. A very useful information to start the day.

In addition, only subscribers can comment on news that is under payment. But with one more incentive: the authors of the news will intervene in the daily debate that is generated with the community in that forum. Thematic visits to the newsroom will also be organized on a recurring basis, during which they will discuss with the director of EL MUNDO and some of its journalists.

Also, as members of the EL MUNDO Club, they can participate in special events and discussion forums , in addition to having significant discounts at more than 4,000 hotel, travel or shopping venues.

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