The national jubilee screening of Friends at Pathé, Vue and Kinepolis has caused fans to be disappointed on Sunday. Responses from fans of the series who feel cheated come in on Twitter.

Due to the 25th anniversary of the comedy series, screenings were organized throughout the country on Sunday. The Pathé website advertises "iconic episodes, exclusive interviews and never before seen images on the big screen". From various responses to Twitter, however, it seems to have only involved six random episodes.

Imke van Schaaijk, spokesperson for Pathé, informed that the cinema chain is currently collecting all questions and comments. "We then link that back to distributor Warner Bros."

Van Schaaijk says that there has been more to see than just single episodes. The spokesperson is not yet able to say exactly what the extra content meant. "We will probably know more about that on Monday morning. At least visitors had expected more than what they have now received."

Various cinema-goers are addressed on Twitter. In one of the online responses, the cinema chain states that they are not responsible for the layout of the show and that it is a communication error from distributor Warner Bros. would go. is awaiting a response from that film company.

Pathé apologizes on Twitter and calls on fans to send a reaction via a private message on Twitter.

Had been a pity today to the 'Friends' kind of film but well the only thing it was were 6 episodes (not even the best random mixed up) without any of the other things mentioned below naja well I could as well have watched netflix @Pathe

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