An Indian school apologized after pictures of its students laying their heads in paper boxes during the exam in order to discourage cheating. This has sparked a huge wave of criticism on social media, according to the site "Deutsche Vela" Germany

The Bhagat College School in Karnataka revealed that it had been experimenting with the new procedure last week.A staff member filmed students sitting in classy classrooms, with their heads covered with unilateral open cardboard boxes and exam papers to prevent them from cheating.

The images have led to a huge wave of criticism on the school's social media sites for the measure, as described by the Indian state education minister. Suresh Kumar, this school practice is "unacceptable," he added in a tweet on Twitter: "No one has the right to treat anyone, especially students like animals. This abuse will be dealt with appropriately."

The headmaster said that the experiment was done with the students' consent and brought cartons. "We didn't force them in any way. Some of them could not see the boxes on their heads."