Rugby World Cup Japan's challenge is over.

The Japanese breakthrough ended in the quarterfinals.
In the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, Japan lost 3 to 26 to the strongest South Africa in the quarterfinals and did not make the first best 4th.

Japan, which advanced to the best 8 in the 9th appearance in the first round of all four rounds of the first league, played against South Africa and the Tokyo stadium in Chofu, Tokyo, on the evening of the 20th.

Japan was first pushed into the scrum against the opponent who had made a historic victory in the previous tournament, and then was tied up with a pass and preempted.

After this, South African players were temporarily sent off due to dangerous tackles. In Japan, inviting the opponent's foul with scrum at an advantageous time when there was one more, Yu Tamura scored a penalty goal and turned back to 3-5 to make up the first half.

However, in the second half, fouls continued in Japan from the beginning, and three penalty goals were scored by the end of 20 minutes.

In addition, Japan was later pushed into the mall and allowed a try. Immediately after that, the opponent was robbed of the ball and deployed in a quick pass, losing the third try of the match.

Japan lost 3 to 26 without being able to give a try and was blocked by the opponent's quick and strong defense, and did not enter the first best four.
Still, I finished the World Cup, which was held for the first time in my hometown, with the best 8 ever.

Thompson “Made New History”

Thompson Luke, the oldest team at the age of 38, who will be the last World Cup in the tournament, said, “I feel sad. This team is a special team for me. I am very proud. "I'm sorry but I'm really proud."

And to the Japanese fans, “I ’m really impressed with your support, thank you. Thank you. It ’s the best tournament. I ’ve advanced to the quarterfinals, won four games in the first league, and a new history. “I think it ’s really wonderful to be able to make it.”

Horie "The best team"

Hooker Shota Horie said, “We were able to put out everything we had done. Everyone was in the best team and never gave up. The next younger generation saw us, I would be glad if I had the feeling of going up. "