Dance party for disabled people in Tokyo, attended by Yoshiko, October 20, 19:52

A tournament for people with disabilities to enjoy dancing and music was held in Tokyo, attended by Mrs and Mrs. Akishino and his second daughter, Yoshiko.

The tournament was held by an NPO in Tokyo, working on welfare for the disabled, inviting people with disabilities.

This was the second time that Yoshiko attended this tournament, following the attendance with Noriko, and on the afternoon of the 20th, he visited the gymnasium in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to see the dance performance.

People with disabilities in the audience enjoyed dancing, such as jumping to music, and Yoshiko was clapping to the rhythm.

After this, Yoshiko talked to 10 members of a group with intellectual disabilities who performed the dance, and said, “What did you devise in the dance?” And “It was fun”, etc. It was spoken.