About 70% of the imperial family is “friendly” “near distance” NHK Poll October 21 at 5:52


In public opinion surveys on the Imperial Family conducted by NHK, about 70% of the people felt familiar with the current Imperial Family and those who felt that the Imperial Family was close to the public.

NHK conducted a public opinion survey using a method called RDD that calls a random number generated by a computer to men and women over the age of 18 for two days from 28th last month, accounting for 55% of 2790 people. We got answers from 1539 people.

Current interest in the Imperial Family

When asked how interested they are about the imperial family,
72% of "interested" is a combination of "very interested" and "somewhat interested"
27% were “not interested”, combining “not very interested” and “not interested at all”.

By gender, the percentage of those who answered “interested” was 67% for men and 76% for women, with women having a higher percentage.

By age group, over 70% of respondents answered they were “interested” in each age group in their 40s or older, and there was a tendency for interest in the Imperial Family to increase with age, while 62% in the 30s, 18 From the age of 29 to 48%, the younger generation showed less interest in the Imperial Family than in other ages.

Familiarity with the current imperial family

Whether you feel familiar with the current imperial family,
71% say “I feel close”, “I feel very close” and “I feel close to some extent”
“I don't feel familiar” and “I don't feel friendly” combined with “I don't feel familiar” was 27%.

By age group, the percentage of people who answered “I feel familiar” increased with age.

The distance between the imperial family and the people

After the Heisei period, I asked if the distance between the imperial family and the people became closer or farther than 30 years ago.
69% of respondents came to “nearly close”, which is “closely close” and “slightly close”.
“No change” is 24%,
Only 3% of respondents said "I got far away" and "I got far away".

While more than 70% of respondents answered “the distance was close” in each age group in their 40s and older, more people answered “no change” in the younger generations in their 30s and younger.

In a survey 10 years ago

NHK conducts a similar public opinion survey in 2009, 10 years ago, in line with the Emperor's throne 20 years.

Because the survey methods are different, it cannot be simply compared. However, in the survey 10 years ago, the percentage of those who felt close to the imperial family and those who felt close to the public was around 60%. And this time, it was better than that.

How can the distance between the imperial family and the people shrink?

The Emperor has shown his desire to be an imperial family close to the people since the time of the Crown Prince.
In the poll, I asked how the distance between the imperial family and the people would be reduced.

Of the choices
“Proactively communicating the emperor's own thoughts and thoughts” was the highest at 24%,
“Increase opportunities to get in front of the people” 17%
While “Introducing more about everyday life” was 14%,
There were 19% of people who said, “The distance will shrink even if it is as it is.”
In addition, 13% of respondents answered that “it is not necessary to reduce the distance to the people in particular”.

What I want for the Imperial Family

I had one of my choices about what I wanted for the imperial family,
“Increase opportunities to interact with the public” is 22%,
18% for both “to endure Japanese culture and traditions” and “pray for the happiness and peace of the people”
“Visit foreign countries and work for international goodwill” 15%
“Dedicated to national acts stipulated by the constitution” is 5%,
“None” was 15%, and the answer was divided.

What do you want to know about the imperial family?

I was asked to choose one of the options for what I wanted to know about the Imperial Family,
17% of people chose “Emperor and imperial ideas”
"Imperial traditional events and cultural assets" and "Daily life of the emperor and the imperial family" are both 14%.
"Emperor and royal public service" 13%,
11% of “use of imperial budget”
“Nothing special” was 24%.

By age,
In the 50s and 60s, about "the thought of the emperor and the imperial family"
In the 30s and 40s, about “Traditional events and cultural assets of the Imperial Family”
From 18 to 29 years old, “use of imperial budget”
The percentage of people who answered that they wanted to know increased compared to other ages.

Survey results Experts

Associate professor Hideya Kawanishi of Nagoya University, who is studying the symbolic emperor system, said that in a public opinion survey, a high percentage of those who were interested in the imperial family and those who felt close to them, The empress emperor's way of empathy has been communicated through the media.Heisei is a time when there was a lot of disaster, and the people were familiar with the emperor's empathy with the victims and empathy with the suffering I think that the results of the survey are reflected in the survey results. "

On the other hand, 48% of respondents said they were “interested” in the imperial family between the ages of 18 and 29, and the younger generation had less interest in the imperial family than in other ages. I think that 50% of the younger generation is interested in this world, and that is not necessarily low, because there are many new media in the younger generation, through which they act and act I think that it will be important to show you and your way of thinking. "

And as for the future distance between the Imperial Family and the public, “With the change in society, tools to convey information are rapidly progressing. The way to tell the people directly what the emperor should be in the future is the future. I don't think it would be strange to search for it.