`` I did not take care for a long time '' Men's farewell ceremony to the wife at the end October 19 16:17

A farewell ceremony for a 86-year-old man in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, who died when his house was flooded by the heavy rain of Typhoon No.19 I was sorry for the last parting.

Osamu Sekine (86), who lived in Hiirashita-Hiraikubo, Iwaki City, died at home inundated by a typhoon.

The wife evacuated on the bed as the water level increased, but Mr. Osamu who had a bad foot could not go up to the bed, and at the end he said to his wife, "I've been taken care of for a long time" That is.

On the morning of the 19th, a farewell ceremony was held in a neighborhood near his home. In addition to his relatives, his former colleague and others mourned the last parting with him.

According to the people who attended, Osamu was a person who didn't like flashy things, and the farewell ceremony was awkward.

“I wasn't surprised when I heard the intelligence,” said a former colleague, who was a gentle senior and last drinks sake together three years ago. It was.

A relative's man said, “I was a caring person who took me to the mountains when I was small. I heard that he said,“ Do n’t take care. ” I joined my hand when I became. " In addition, “Do not end with natural disasters or self-responsibility. In order not to waste the death of Mr. Osamu, we will review the call for evacuation and prepare an environment that facilitates evacuation. I want you to protect me. "