New Zealand defeats three consecutive championships, defeats on October 20, 3:37

New Zealand, aiming for the first three consecutive wins in the Rugby World Cup Japan, won the quarter-finals, making it a 46 to 14 win over the difficult Irish country and making the Best Four advance. Steve Hansen head coach recalled, “It was a game where the defense was a big part.”

In this match, New Zealand took 7 trials by taking full advantage of the championship, including the accurate kick pass, in addition to the quick development after taking the ball.

As one of the factors that led to such one-sided development, the commander gave “disciplined defense” at the post-match conference.

In addition to the 93% success rate tackle, Iraq wasn't even getting close to the goal line, even in a fast-paced ball battle, controlling quickly and without stopping.

Hansen head coach said, “It was a game where the defense was a big part of the game,” and “It was necessary to tackle to defend their discipline and control the opponent, and to invite mistakes. Forward is the most important, the first to fifth players will be the foundation, and the sixth to eighth will be changed to mobility.If you do not move forward, there will be no chance to control the game. He played very well. "

On the other hand, the Irish coach Joe Schmitt head coach could only feel the difference in power from the king with no chance, “I was suffocating.