Lady Gaga had X-rays taken on Friday, one day after her fall from the stage during a concert. The singer shares an X-ray on Instagram on Saturday and promises that she will rise again.

"When they take x-rays of almost your entire body," the singer reports with an x-ray of a hand that gives the 'okay' sign. "Just Dance" gives them a referral after her first hit from 2008. "It will all be alright."

On Thursday, a Lady Gaga fan dropped the singer on stage during a performance in Las Vegas. The man was allowed to come on stage, but stepped beside the stage when he lifted Lady Gaga.

According to local media, both the fan and the singer remained unharmed. So Lady Gaga eventually called in medical care. She does not mention any injuries, the time she needs to recover and the cancellation of performances.


Enthusiastic fan drops Lady Gaga off stage in Las Vegas