The pyromaniac of the CDR in Barcelona leaves images for oblivion that we will remember as they are: the diabolical puzzle of a Catalonia that caracolea between paralysis and stupor . Independence continues to found sudden republics with the gas of feelings. In the midst of this aspirational delirium they want to be an anecdotal miniature within the thousand partial Spains of the whole Spain.

The independence that these days stokes the streets of Barcelona, ​​surplus of mother-Spanish surnames, is only an anecdote in history. It does not deserve so much trouble what will not be possible even in three generations. That is the peninsular political truth that they don't want to see. The sentence of the Procés is another excuse to return to make fires in the room to play. Another 40 million citizens observe the absurd spectacle of some chickens that take to the streets as if they were coming to their sentence in the concentration camp of Albatera, when they really leave their homes in comfort. That is the crazy thing about this cause. And the ridiculous.

The problem is not exactly political, but misdiagnosed hysteria . It all started in the 80s with a bank transfer raffle, in the shadow of money a sect of thieves of pure race was consumed and, from there, the clear Spain of the corrupt nationalists was mutating to the confused Spain of the aggrieved for non-payment A very heavy jari. And so for a long time.

This country is so democratic that they can transvest themselves as victims because I don't know what current dictatorship. Keeping the staff in pretrial detention for two years is an excess, but the waste of declaring an illegal Republic is also not slight, with less permanence than a fart, deceiving those who wanted to believe that in a multicolored country a bee was born under the sun / and was famous in the place / for his joy and goodness.

Thanks to this independentist verbena (so depleted) the extreme right is gaining time and possibility of votes . Ultras do not have to show up posing on horseback through the meadows. Just wait for some offended citizens to buy their speech of herring and dynamite as a syrup against separatism. Too many citizens were sold in the middle of this coven of a few, victims of the vain fantasy of those who still deny that the Magi are the fathers. The fight is again among the usual: paleoespañoles against paleocatalanes. And start over.

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