Video of a collision with a North Korean fishing boat released by the Fisheries Agency

The Fisheries Agency released a picture of a collision between a fishing boat and a North Korean fishing boat in the Sea of ​​Japan on the 7th of this month.

The released video is a video edited in approximately 13 minutes, and the state that the police vessels discharge water towards the fishing boats and warns them to leave Japan's EEZ = exclusive economic zone, and the navigation is conducted in parallel with the vessels. The direction of the fishing boat that had changed direction, the bow of the cracking vessel and the port side of the fishing boat collided, and after the fishing boat sank, the lifeboat and liferaft were used to rescue the crew of the fishing boat It is.

The Fisheries Agency normally says that the control of illegal operations is not disclosed, but this time it has been explained that it has decided to release the video to show that appropriate control activities are underway.