Defense equipment procured directly from the U.S. government has not been delivered for ¥ 35.0 billion 18:58 on October 18


According to a survey by the Institute of Auditors, about 35 billion yen that has not been delivered even after the scheduled time has elapsed after paying expenses for a contract called FMS in which Japan directly procures defense equipment from the US government I understood.

"FMS" is one of the contract methods for procuring missiles, radars and aircraft parts from the United States, and it pays to the US government instead of the US companies as important secrets are included. .

In this contract method, the Japanese side pays the price in advance. However, when the Auditing Bureau examined the five years until the man, the equipment that was not delivered after the scheduled time was 349 as of March last year. I found that it was worth 100 million yen.

This means that the equipment is not delivered, which may interfere with the operation of the SDF units.

In addition, after the equipment was delivered, we found that there were 106.8 billion yen in transactions that did not pay for the overpaid expenses as of March last year.

Regarding FMS contracts, the Auditing Office has often pointed out improper points regarding the delivery of equipment and payment of prices, and has requested the Ministry of Defense to make drastic improvements.