In fact, this whole story very much resembles the well-known monosyllabic response of the Spartans to the threats of the Macedonian king: “If!” Only now the epistle of the current “ruler of the world”, for which Trump certainly takes himself, flew into the trash. Symbolically.

In Trump’s famous letter to Erdogan, whose reality it was hard to believe at first, there is genuine bewilderment: how is it that we decided everything for you, and you started to live by our own mind ?! Therefore, get instructions for use and do not be fools, otherwise American cars will fall on your head. The finish of diplomacy.

It is possible that the American president perceives himself as the operator of the global megacomputer SkyNet, which thinks and makes decisions for everyone. And then he lowers his "tablets of the covenant" - letters. I did not follow the valuable instructions from them - I sinned, slipped into evil territory, became an accomplice of the world's leading terrorist - the devil, so the arrows of sanctions and the threat of economic destruction will fly into you.

Everything is very simple and linear. According to the principle of "either - or." In the logic of the world alpha male, only he can be a tough guy: “My light is a mirror, tell me ...” All other applicants are fools, because they do not have such rights. Not in that exceptional country were born ...

Moreover, all this should not be reduced only to the personality of President Trump, to his quacks and very peculiar methods and forms of dialogue. The phrase “Don't be a fool!” Perfectly illustrates what American diplomacy has boiled down to today. Together with threats, it has long become their political symbol of faith in their power and constantly sounds in different forms and variations. However, the farther, the more the world reacts to this by rejection and reads it as a call: do what you think is necessary, and throw all attempts of external pressure into the basket.

The States are now not only doing everything to destabilize the world in order to preserve their long-awaited and long-virtual monopolarity, but they themselves are zealously driving everyone away. As if deliberately tearing this very unipolarity to shreds, acting not even rudely, but simply vulgarly. At one time, the Soviet leadership, led by Gorbachev, repelled everyone from themselves, but they acted by surrendering everything and everything. Here is another tactic, alpha male, but the result is one. So, Eduard Limonov noted that America has done everything to bring Russia and China closer, because it acted and is acting by ramming, if not catholic, methods. A similar story looms with Turkey. And not only with her ...

It can be assumed that the States so stubbornly and persistently support "democracy" in Ukraine, that Trump himself turned into a "Cossack" who sends "original" epistles. If it goes further, the following letters will already be in the style of the Great Combinator from the Golden Calf: “Load the oranges in the barrels of the Karamazov brothers” and “The ice has moved. I will be in charge of the parade.” But Trump, apparently, did not read Ilf and Petrov, otherwise he would not fail to use the style.

Rather, he is closer to the hero of Jim Carrey from the Truman Show, who lives under the dome of a film studio, surrounded by scenery and hired actors. The world in which he resides is a great illusion, diligently supported by the organizers of the project. But if the hero Kerry does not suspect anything about these realities, then Trump is well informed and diligently plays his part, right up to replay.

What is his reasoning voiced at a meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella that the United States had cultural and political ties with Ancient Rome.

So it goes - he will begin to compete with "ancient Ukrainians" in power and antiquity ...

The tale is a lie, but a hint in it. This is a line of continuity. If then all roads led to Rome, now it is supposedly to the States. They deliberately program this, including such shocking statements. And history is like clay. The main thing is to knead it well with your hands, and then to mold the necessary. This, after all, is also the principle of introducing and disseminating American values. Isn't the approach to the history of World War II the same as in the case of the plot of the millennial relationship between America and Rome? What is there to be surprised ...

A bluff that comes true. Everything to maintain the status of the sole world leader, the city on the hill. In this case, all means and methods are good. Trump was threatening to buy Greenland to show his omnipotence. His choice of approaches remained simple: either buy everyone, or intimidate everyone, including the torn economy. You can still hang noodles and make a show. It is more efficient and less costly. For this, after all, he is called up and feels his mission in the framework of the script “The Trump Show”. He is menacing, with sanctions at the ready, you will not listen - you will become an accomplice of the devil. That is generous with compliments - and if not a fool, then a friend and a "damn good leader." Trump is a long-standing and seasoned wrestler, he also tested this tactic with Kim Jong-un.

The reality is how we want to see it and how we do it - this is the guiding principle of the American line. And to everything else - "do not be a fool!"

People who are divorced from reality and stay in their artificial dimension, as a rule, are perceived as alien guests. And here the whole world is being erected - the Trampocentaurus. There diplomacy died.

What we have in the outgoing nature of the world “order” is a house of cards with a bluffing player and a bin. Someday they will meet. They are very persistently moving towards rapprochement.

You can recall Joseph Brodsky:

General, even the house of cards is a barn.

I am writing you a report, I’m falling to a flask.

For survivors of the great bluff

life leaves a scrap of paper.

And the crib, and bluff, and a piece of paper - everything to the point. So after all, both American politics and the notorious power, coupled with unsurpassed exclusivity - all this can turn into this shred and end up in the margins of life. So it has already been repeatedly and with the most exceptional. With the same Ancient Rome. Can it be that the millennial ties of the States with him do not teach anything? .. You can go to the history urn not only under external influence, but also with your own efforts, becoming barbarians painting threats along with games for tough guys and fools ...

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