Someday it will be said: this is how the tsunami of the flaming corners came in the revolt of the toilets where the maximum representative of the State in the region stood in front of the hooded. Torra , the Nero without an imperial but more racist pose, participates in the marches of the arm of that lehendakari who is already in the sewers of history. The fires and the stones follow. La Pontasi says that people have taken to the streets to finish the job two years ago. Other observers think that even the separatists will get tired one day because there are already people hungry for authority. The politicians of Madrid are baffled and, as Pla said of those of his time, with respect to Catalonia, those on the right constantly repeat the topics on the right and those on the left repeat the topics on the left. "Dan," he said, "suffocating cans." In full chauvinism parade, puppies come out with their ID, water in a plastic bottle and the slogan of bulling people carrying Spanish flags, cameras or micros.

Singing "in-de-pen-den-cia," the bon cop de foc , sharpening the sickles of fanaticism, throws acid against the police. His despair and anger are the sign of the defeat of some rulers who have lost their heads and freedom, and who have put on the masks of the anti-system in an unusual case of disloyalty and madness. According to Pedro Sánchez , the Government hides its failure behind a curtain of smoke and fire. His failure and racism. As the left has not wanted to analyze the xenophobic character of national-populism, the reappearance of those patriots of four Catalan grandparents continues to be ignored; those who first called Murcia emigrants, then charnegos and, finally, fascists. As in the time of American independence, false Creoles attack the peninsular of the same race and religion. In Catalonia, the bourgeois paternalists had not confronted emigrants even though Pujol taught them that the Andalusian man is not a complete man. "He is," he said, "an anarchic man." He is a destroyed man.

Felipe González , an Andalusian not at all anarchist, once said that Catalan supremacism is not as explicit as Trump's , but they are convinced that if they were left alone they would be better. They accepted Kim Torra who resorted to genes. He described the Spaniards as scavenging beasts, with a tare in the DNA. It is that the Catalans considered hypocritically that all those who worked in Catalonia were hiding Catalan, hiding the racist ideology that comes from the time of Prat de la Riba .

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