Kyoani 3 months after the arson incident The figure of the memorial people on the scene October 18 12:38

It will be 3 months in 18 days since the “Kyoto Animation” studio was arson. In front of the building of the site, people who visited memorial from morning were seen.

On July 18, three months ago, the first studio of “Kyoto Animation” in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, was set on fire, killing 36 people in the building and injuring 33 others. Four people are still hospitalized and receiving treatment.

On the 18th, it was raining from morning to morning, and in front of the studio in the field, there were people visiting in memorial service, hoping for the deceased and the recovery of those who were injured.

A man in his twenties from China said, “I wanted to see Kyo Ani's work and studied Japanese. Before I came back to Japan, I really wanted to see Kyo Ani's studio. I felt sadness and anger. I want to go back and make an animation soon. ”

Also, a man in his 80's who lived nearby said, “I came here because of the date of my death.

On the other hand, according to police, Shinji Aoba (41), who has been arrested for alleged murder and arson, has started rehabilitation for conversation and walking, but has not yet heard the situation. It is still expected that it will take time to elucidate the motives.