GPIF president cuts salary Improper relations with female subordinates suspected at 18:21 on October 18

GPIF, which manages public pension reserves, has been punished for salary reductions due to the suspect of inappropriate relationships with subordinate female employees, etc. Received disposal.

It was Mr. Norihiro Takahashi, President of GPIF, who was dismissed.

According to the GPIF, President Takahashi had suspected inappropriate relationships with female subordinates in their 30s, such as going to a meal on a public car several times.

Mr. Takahashi has received a whistle-blowing report since December last year, but Mr. Takahashi did not report to the chairman of the executive committee overseeing GPIF's operations and responded promptly. I was neglecting.

For this reason, the Management Committee has imposed disciplinary action for President Takahashi on the 18th, reducing the salary by one fifth.

GPIF is the world's largest institutional investor with assets under management of approximately 160 trillion yen. Mr. Takahashi has served as the chairman since April 2016.

GPIF commented, “I am very sorry and deeply apologized. I would like to make a reliable organization by thoroughly implementing measures to prevent recurrence such as conducting compliance training.”