Four people attacked bear or dorareko rushed into the car, flicked away, Niigata October 18 18:12


The image of the drive recorder of a car that was running near the site of Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, where four people were attacked by a bear, shows how the bear is rushing.

The photo was taken before 1 pm, and you can see the person who seems to have been attacked by the garage on the first floor of the house on the left side of the road.

According to the man who was driving the car, the bear came to the car in response to the sound of the car, scratched the front part, and then escaped, so the car was left behind .

The man who drove the car said, “The bear rushed towards the car and then disappeared, so when I looked down the road, the person fell down and was carried by an ambulance. I think it was a centimeter to 60 centimeters in size, but there were bears on the mountain side, but not in the city, so I was scared and surprised. "