Enthusiasm Celebration Parade Decree to postpone on next month 10 October 9:59 on October 18

With the imperial throne, the government postponed the celebration parade scheduled for 22nd of this month, “Greetings for the Celebration,” which was postponed for about three weeks, following the devastating damage caused by Typhoon # 19. Decided by the Cabinet to be held on March 10th.

As a national act stipulated in the Constitution, the government will perform the “Imperial Court House Ceremony” on which the Emperor declares the throne on the 22nd of this month, as well as the “Celebration Ceremony” of the celebration parade, I was planning a feast.

However, in light of the extensive damage caused by Typhoon No.19, the government postponed the “Celebration Ceremony” of these three weeks, and scheduled to implement it on the 10th of next month. I decided at the Cabinet meeting.

The “Imperial Court House Ceremony” and the “Feast Ceremony” that will be held in four parts starting on the 22nd will be held as scheduled.