• Hispanic Day: Letizia's dress: spring in autumn

That SM the Queen is "of a handsome climb" is an undeniable reality. If this is due to the frequent 'refreshings' to which it is submitted according to the Anabolic languages ​​of the day, welcome.

It is always appreciated that the wife of a head of state is graceful; See the success of Jacqueline Kennedy after a long list of first ladies, not decorative yet virtuous, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Truman or Mamie Eisenhower.

However, Felipe VI's wife should realize that beauty is not enough if it is not presented properly. We only have to go back to yesterday to find an example, his presentation in Oviedo with Felipe VI, the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Sofia, dressed in a dress-coat worthy of a governess or housekeeper of postwar bourgeois house keys. I would say more: I don't know how the Franciscan Tertiary dress, but I imagine them so severe with secondhand habits badly ironed.

All the details of Letizia's look during the day in Oviedo

The model, a matter in gray wool, is one of those that is part of the collective called 'Enigma' and that brings head to the 'Letizia watchers' who try to find out their authorship since they first took it. Although horrendous, I could have redeemed it with another belt, a discreet pearls peeking shyly through the ugly v-neck and a brooch.

Some observers believe that the 'noir' movie 'look' was an attempt not to take center stage from his firstborn in his baptism of fire at the awards that bear his name.

But Mrs. Letizia must know perfectly well that her followers follow these three or four Asturian days step by step to see what she is wearing and, therefore, stumble like yesterday in the 'Oviedo Royal Fashion Week' leave them discouraged.

If in the morning it was one of lime, at night it was two of sand. To attend the traditional inaugural concert, he decided to forgive himself by wearing a very glamorous model of The 2nd Skin Co., a Spanish brand he used for the first time. It is a black trousers of those very tight that SM likes, accompanied by a body in pink tone lingerie word of honor decorated with feathers to the tone that gave a touch to the Zizi Jeanmaire and his 'Truc en plumes'. He completed the look with his snake skin stilettos by Manolo Blahnik and his diamond pavé earrings from De Grisogono.

All the details of Letizia's look at the concert before the Princess of Asturias

I remember that in a collection of The 2nd Skin Co. presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid that I covered for El Mundo a few years ago, I suggested that they had plucked an entire ostrich farm to decorate the party costumes presented. These feathers must have been left over from that collection, but they went wonderfully to that 'bustier' that without them would have been somewhat bland.

Glad to see that SM supports the author's Spanish fashion from time to time and that he has chosen The 2nd Skin Co., a new brand in his dressing room, for the 'Oviedo Royal Fashion Week'.

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