Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston were arrested Friday when they participated in a climate protest in Washington, reports The Hollywood Reporter .

The actors, both featured in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie , were enthralled as they protested in front of the Washington Capitol. The people's representation of the United States resides in this building.

Photos show that Fonda and Waterston are fascinated by a police officer. It is not known whether the actors were actually put in jail.

Last Friday, Fonda was also arrested during a demonstration. On her website she announced earlier that she was taking action for the climate on behalf of the Oil Change International group.

"I will be in the capital every Friday, inspired and strengthened by the great movement that started our youth," said the actress.

Fonda claims to have moved to Washington to participate in the climate protests every Friday. "I can no longer watch how politics ignore the industries that are destroying our planet for its own gain."