Brexit causes as much uncertainty as boredom. And in that climate of inevitable disbelief, community leaders and British Prime Minister, populist Boris Johnson , yesterday sealed an agreement - as always, in extremis - that could allow the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union at last. This October 31 and it is done by consensus. And therefore, in the least traumatic way. A hard Brexit has always been, no doubt, the worst possible option; the economic but also political, social or cultural consequences would be extraordinarily serious. Hence, let it applaud the new effort in Brussels to find a way out of the maze.

However, extreme caution is required. Because the nth signed agreement must now overcome a devilish stumbling block . Johnson has to get the British Parliament to validate this Saturday . And it is not clear that the premier will get enough support, given that the decisive Norwegian deputies of the DUP are still not satisfied. In addition, it is also necessary that independent or labor opposed to Corbyn give his arm to twist. If not, it is impossible to venture if in two weeks there will be a divorce from the brave or if the conservative premier , in an exercise of realism and refusing all his threats, will ask Brussels for a new extension . It is already difficult to conclude which is worse.

The agreement, labeled yesterday by the leader of Labor as "worse than that of Theresa May ", is a cession by both parties regarding Northern Ireland , the great obstacle to facilitate divorce for at least a year and that was the grave Prime Minister's policy. Johnson has accepted the quadrature of the circle . Between the autonomous British territory and the rest of Ireland there will be no physical frontier , as this would have dynamited the fragile peace agreements of Good Friday, and in the Ulster the rules of the European common market will govern for all transactions affecting the Twenty-seven, which will mean a differentiated status from the rest of the United Kingdom. But Brussels also gives in because the safeguard is limited in time and the agreement can only be extended if so decided by the Norwegian Assembly , where it will be put to the vote every four years. With the latter, conflicts are more than assured. But of course, things are not now in London or in the community capital to worry about what is not March 31, which is quite complicated.

Brexit is the biggest historical mistake in Europe since the end of World War II . But at this point, it is best that the agreed exit can come true. And the Twenty-seven have shown plenty of flexibility and willingness to facilitate it. It is the British who still do not agree on what they want. And his indecision adds us all in an unbearable anxiety.

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