• El Pilar: Mariano de la Viña's dreadful grenade: "He has entered dead"
  • Part: Mariano de la Viña goes from "very serious" to "serious"

The health of Mariano de la Viña, corneado twice of extreme gravity last Sunday during the Fiestas del Pilar, hung by a very fine thread.

The banderillero suffered a 27-centimeter wound that entered through the right Scarpa triangle and plucked the femoral artery , the posterior penetrated through the gluteus with 22 centimeters that reached the space between the rectum and the bladder breaking the internal iliac: "cataclysmic situation" . De la Viña suffered several cardiac arrests.

However, the last medical part issued by the Quiron hospital where he is admitted throws some more hope in his clinical evolution.

According to the doctors who treat him, the bullfighter of the Enrique Ponce gang, "remains admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Quirónsalud Zaragoza Hospital. Stability is maintained. The patient is awake and the mechanical ventilation has been removed . Continue with discreet feverishness. There is good arterial and venous circulation of the right lower limb. It has begun to move the limbs . The prognosis is serious. "

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