Marathon / Racewalk Coordinated by relocation of Sapporo

There have been many welcomes among Sapporo officials regarding the prospect that the Tokyo Olympic marathon and racewalk will be moved to Sapporo. Because there are problems, we will accelerate the response.

On May 17, Akimoto Mayor of Sapporo City said, “It ’s an honor and an honor” that next year ’s Tokyo Olympics will be adjusted to move the marathon and racewalk to Sapporo as a countermeasure against the heat wave. In addition to the above, there were many welcome voices from tourists.

Under these circumstances, the representatives in Sapporo and Hokkaido held a meeting to discuss the immediate response and confirmed that they would cooperate with the Athletics Association and proceed with specific discussions.

The city and roads are said to have many issues such as the establishment of a reception system and security system, such as securing accommodation facilities and volunteers, and the adjustment of cost burdens. The officials of the local government said, “There are high hurdles to realize in less than 10 months until the event is held,” “If the course is not decided, preparation will not proceed.”

The city and road are preparing for the success of the tournament, and are planning to collect information from the JOC = Japan Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee to accelerate the response.