Fukushima's rice milling facility is flooded.

Fukushima Prefecture, which is known as a brewery, has begun to prepare new sake, but the rice milling facility used by approximately 80% of the breweries in the prefecture was damaged by inundation due to Typhoon No.19, and many sake breweries were charged normally. I'm worried about whether I can do it.

According to the Fukushima Sake Brewery Cooperative, the rice milling facility in Koriyama City along the Abukuma River that was flooded by this typhoon was inundated by more than 1 meter, and the large rice milling machine that was inside is no longer usable.

In this facility, 44 sake breweries, about 80% of the brewery in the prefecture, brewed sake rice through the association, accounting for more than half of the sake rice produced in Fukushima Prefecture.

At the facility, restoration work such as cleaning the equipment was underway on the 17th.

In Fukushima Prefecture, the preparation of new sake using fresh rice begins every year at this time, but there are growing concerns that many sake breweries will not be able to prepare it.

Of these, Sato Sake Brewery in Miharu-machi was not damaged by flooding, but almost all sake rice was milled at Koriyama City facilities, and the amount that was scheduled to arrive on the 16th has not arrived.

We have begun to prepare from the beginning of this month, but the sake rice warehouse has only about 10% of the stock yearly, and we are worried that we may not be able to prepare at this time, which is most suitable for preparation, in order to maintain quality. It is.

Mr. Teppei Saito of Sato Sake Brewery said, “Sake is fatal because rice and water are the raw ingredients, and it is fatal that we cannot make rice. I would be grateful if you could cooperate with me. "

The Fukushima Sake Brewery Cooperative is studying whether other rice milling facilities in the Tohoku region can cooperate, and says, "I want to make an effort so as not to affect the supply and quality of sake."