Leading mushroom production factory flooded and unable to ship mainstay eringi Nagano October 17th 11:04

Due to the collapse of the bank of the Chikuma River, the factory of Hokuto, a major mushroom production company headquartered in Nagano City, has suffered major damage such as submersion of its production equipment, making it impossible to ship its main product, eringi. .

Hokuto produces 75,000 tons of mushrooms annually at 32 locations nationwide, including Nagano City, and Elingi has nearly half the domestic market share.

The typhoon No. 19 broke the Chikuma River embankment, flooding the two factories and research facilities in Nagano, and the first floor of the Eringi production plant in the Akanuma area was flooded.

This factory is the main factory that produces 3,000 tons of eringi annually, but all the jars that grow eringi are covered with muddy water and cannot be shipped.

In addition, all production facilities are covered with muddy water, and it is not possible to confirm whether they can operate due to a power failure.

At the factory, employees work on muddy water, but there is no prospect of resuming shipments.

Hokuto, Managing Director Shigeki Komatsu, said, “I ca n’t ship the mushrooms at this time, and I ’m having a hard time. I want to be able to deliver delicious mushrooms as soon as possible.