Marco Borsato (52) had a relationship with Iris Hond (32) ten years ago, Privé reports today. The singer and the pianist admit that in a statement. The weekly, however, has information that the secret relationship only ended this year, but that is denied by the two.

Hond is currently the main character in the TV dating show Iris and the 12 dates on Net 5. Borsato has been married to Leontine Ruiters since 1997 (51). They have three children Luca (20, Senna (18) and Jada (16).

According to Prive, well-established sources confirm that the marriage between Marco and Leontine has withstood the storm, but also that the relationship - which began in 2009 - would only have come to an end this year.

In a joint response, Borsato and Hond let it be known that they had indeed had an affair, but that this was the case when Borsato's management company TEG went bankrupt ten years ago, which earned him a huge financial loss.

Borsato then cheated with Hond, but his wife found out. Yet they stayed together. Borsato strongly denies that the relationship would have stopped until this year: "There has indeed been a friendship that went beyond what I had foreseen. However, this situation was very short-lived. Leontine and I are ourselves and Although we sometimes lost each other in those days, we are fortunately never really lost. The realization of how much we love each other and how we keep looking critically at ourselves has made us stronger than ever after a 22-year marriage. "

Hond says in a response, among other things: "Together we were able to talk well about what was going on in our lives. A special bond like this can arise between two people at a certain stage in your life."

Today, Privé magazine publishes the extensive story.