Injury in scenic beauty Joining the tour The efforts also `` I want to improve the state little by little '' October 16, 17:43

Kikukatsu, who was seriously injured in the left chest while deciding to return to Ozeki last month at the sumo fall place, joined the tour in Shizuoka Prefecture on the 16th and said, “I want to improve my condition little by little.” I showed the idea of ​​proceeding with the adjustment for the place.

Takashige Sekiwaki decided to return to Ozeki by raising 12 wins in the autumn of last month, but it was diagnosed that the left chest was hurt in Chiaki Raku's winning match, and treatment for 6 weeks was required for flesh of the left great pectoral muscle. It was.

Takashigekatsu has been closed for the autumn tour from the 5th of this month, but he joined the tour in Hamamatsu City on the 16th because he was able to move a little.

Kisakatsu worked hard in the morning training with the lower body with squeezes and squats, and also worked hard by doing push-ups that put a load on the injured chest.

Participating in the efforts that were made after this, and winning the “Tatari” to Sekiwaki Gyokai, who was contending for the championship, won great cheers and applause from the venue.

Kikatsu said, “I want to train the place where I should be trained. I want to improve my condition little by little as my chest is getting better.”

Toward Kyushu place next month when I return to Ozeki, “I will come out if I can cure, I will not overdo it. I will do my best in the direction that I can go out. I want to rethink myself and get more injured.” I was talking.