“Reserving internal reserves for investment” Liberal tax examination committee to discuss at executive meeting October 17th 4:35

In preparation for tax reform next year, the Liberal Democratic Party's tax examination committee will hold an executive meeting on the 17th and will begin discussions. It will be a challenge.

The Liberal Democratic Party's tax investigation committee will meet on April 17 with chairman Amari and other executives to start discussions for tax reform next year.

In order to create an environment in which corporate internal reserves can be invested, the tax investigation committee is considering tax incentives when large companies invest in venture companies, etc. It becomes.

In addition, international tax rules for huge IT companies that make profits by exchanging data across borders will be formulated next year, so we can compile recommendations so that Japan can lead the discussion. The

The tax examination committee will hold a general meeting in late next month to make discussions full-scale, and to determine the tax reform outline in mid-December.